"Here is someone who knows what she’s talking about (an expert) and also has energy, class, and style! Your entire presentation was amazingly insightful and most enjoyable. You are indeed that rare speaker who immediately establishes credibility with the audience and delivers with such impact that I believe you are changing mindsets and behaviors in a very positive way--I know I went away from this convention and immediately implemented your ideas and advice on leadership."
    -- Kevin McNulty, CEO, Humadyn, Inc.

Integrity Speaking Series

Nancy Reece is a highly requested keynote speaker with a warm, engaging style that has challenged audiences around the globe. As an emerging thought-leader, she encourages her audience and clients to achieve business results while placing integrity first. Customizing to your organization, here are her topics in the Integrity Speaking Series:

Making the Hard Call
    How to Take the Heat With Courage

The #1 way you lose respect as a leader is failing to Make the Hard Call. Whether it’s firing an employee, dealing with a crisis, or responding to angry customers, you must be willing to take the heat, criticism, and rejection by standing up for what’s right. You will learn how to:

    • Increase sales, productivity, and income by making the hard call
    • Make tough decisions that position your company for successful growth
    • Create a culture where people want to do business
    • Earn respect as a leader others want to follow
    • Develop a culture of accountability and commitment

The Dichotomy of Power®
    Avoiding the Toxic Mix of Ego and Success

Ego and success often combine to form a black hole that sucks the energy and integrity from your organization. Thriving leaders recognize the warning signs that signal the formation of this black hole, and develop the moral courage to change. You will discover:

    • How to lead with transparency and integrity power
    • The five warning signs of misused power
    • How to develop a personal accountability system
    • How to make choices for the greater good that impact your bottom line
    • Ten best practices to make integrity the foundation of your actions

The Art of Appreciation
    If You Don’t Feed your Employees,
    They’ll Eat your Customers

Appreciation is the backbone of customer and employee loyalty, but most of us spend our time catching people doing something wrong. Business success is driven by a strong culture of appreciation. Experience appreciation and learn fun ways to celebrate success. You will learn:

    • How a culture of appreciation impacts business results
    • Eight steps to an effective recognition program
    • What employees really want
    • Fifty reasons to recognize and reward employees
    • The best way to say thank you

Designing a Culture of Success
    Achieve Competitive Advantage

One of the most significant sources of competitive advantage and brand differentiation today is a successful corporate culture. In studies, revenue and profit performance were significantly higher in firms with strong, purposeful culture. You will learn:

    • The dramatic financial advantages of a successful culture
    • The four components of culture on purpose
    • To apply a competing values framework to diagnose and design your winning culture
    • The strong intersection of company and employee values
    • How to make your preferred culture thrive

Overcoming Your Strengths
    Advance Your Career & Avoid Derailment

The strengths that get you to your place of success may hinder your ability to advance and continue on the path of success. Thriving leaders manage not only their strengths, but have a keen awareness of when those strengths hinder their leadership. You will find out how to:

    • Advance your career and avoid career derailment
    • Maximize your strengths
    • Recognize the signs when a strength becomes a weakness
    • Compensate for your strengths with new skills
    • Identify potential career stalling issues

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