Benefits of Hard Call Courage

The number one way you lose respect as a leader is failing to make the hard call. Learn how doing
what's right with hard call courage:

    • Increases sales
    • Increases productivity
    • Increases income
    • Increases shareholder value
    • Increases employee retention
      & engagement

The Business Case for Integrity

Nancy Reece

Integrity Speaking Series

Nancy Reece is an integrity fanatic, passionate about helping people know the right thing to do, and then DOING the right thing. She intuitively knows how to challenge and coach people to make a powerful impact as leaders, while creating a warm, transparent, and open atmosphere for learning and growth.

As a dynamic presenter, her Integrity speaking series includes Making the Hard Call, The Dichotomy of Power, The Art of Appreciation, Designing a Culture of Success, and Overcoming Your Strengths.

"Nancy is an outstanding keynote speaker and I could not recommend her work more. She takes the time to make sure that she is delivering what her audience needs and wants, and she connects with those she works with through her authenticity and genuine concern."

"Leadership is the most important element to the health and growth of every organization. Nancy’s gifts in this crucial area are obviously inspired and offer refreshing keys to change and maturity."

Nancy Reece - Speaker, Author, Master Trainer, Consultant

In addition to being an acclaimed speaker, Nancy Reece is a talented writer and has authored the book, The Dichotomy of Power® - Using Power with Intelligence and Integrity, and co-authored / edited the book Strengthening the Organizational Heart. She is the Integrity First columnist for the Nashville Business Journal and wrote for the My Perspective column for Perspective magazine for 10 years.

As Sr. Consultant with The Human Capital Group, Inc., Nancy specializes in values based leadership consulting and coaching that enables clients to build high performing teams and cultures of integrity. Nancy is a master trainer and has trained hundreds of other trainers to make an impact on organizations. She delivers best practices in management and leadership with energy, style and fun – while impacting business results!

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